Classic, Golden Age of Perikles, 480-350 BCE (450 BCE)
Late Hellenism 350-100 BCE (350-100 BCE)
Roman Empire 100BCE-315 CE
Early Christian/Byzantine 315-750 C.E  (some sources say the Byzantine style survived all the way to 1450)
Romanesque 800-1150 C.E.
Gothic 1150-1350 C.E.

Diskobolos (Discus-thrower) by Myron 
c450BCE  5'1" tall
Roman marble copy after a
Greek bronze original
Greek Classic


Fig 411 by Praxiteles or his followers, Hermes (Mercury) and the Infant Dionysos,  c340-320 BCE
marble with remnants of red paint on the lips and hair, height 7'  Possibly a copy
Classic or Hellenistic

Fig 607 Pythokritos of Rhodes? Nike of Samothrace 190 B.C.E.
Marble, height 8' Greek Hellenistic

Fig 608
Hagesandros, Polydoros, and Athenadoros
The Laocoön Group also called 
Laocoon and his Sons, c1C BCE marble 8' tall
Possibly a Roman Copy
Greek Hellenistic