Early Chinese Art
Years Period China World
5,000-2,000 BCE Neolithic Beginning of agriculture: painted pottery

(Painted Pottery Culture)
5000-4000 BCE
at Banpo 4000

(Black Pottery Culture)
2500-2000  BCE
at Longshan

Catal Huyuk
Lyre of Puabi
Pyramids in Egypt
Pictographs and invention of Cuneiform
Sargon of Akkad
Stele of Naram-Sin
Tell Asmar
c1700-221 BCE Bronze Age
Warring States Period
Shang dynasty; 
Chou (Zhou) dynasty
Shang dynasty; 
  • Chou (Zhou) dynasty
  • development of writing
  • bronze casting
  • Confucius c551-479 (Analects)
  • Developed philosophies leading to Taoism
  • Chuang Tzu (Chuang Chou) Butterfly
  • Lao Tzu (Codified Writings)
  • Iron Tools
Code of Hammurabi
Olmec in America
Golden Age of Perikles
Rome Begins
c221- 206 BCE Qin  (Chin) dynasty
  • Unification 
  • Centralized Bureaucracy
  • standardized money, written language, 
  • clay figures, 
  • Great Wall
  • Legalism introduced
  • Shan Yang c360 "Man is by nature evil"
  • Han Feizi c233 codified the system
Rome Begins
206 BCE-220CE  Han dynasty
  • Silk Road 
  • Daoism
  • Confuciunism made state philosophy
  • Buddhism Introduced
Rise of Christianity
220 - 579 CE Six Dynasties
North, East and West Wei, 
Nomad Invasions,
Buddhism Grows
Rock Cut Caves
Monumental Buddhas
Birth of Muhammad
Edict of Milan
Hagia Sofia
Separation of Churches
568 - 617 CE Sui Reunification of China
618-907 Tang dynasty Repression of Buddhism
960-1279 CE Song (Sung) dynasty Neo Confucianism
Landscape Painting Develops

Yanshao (Painted Pottery Culture)
5000-4000 BCE at Banpo 4000





Two Bowls from Banpo, near Xi'an, Shaanxi, 
Neolithic Period.
Yangshao Culture, 5000-4000 BCE
Painted pottery, Height 7"
Banpo Museum.

NO potter's wheel made by coiling method


NO potter's wheel made by coiling method





Banpo, Jars c2500 BCE approx 15"x20" Yanshao (Painted Pottery) Culture 5000-4000


Banpo Jar c 2200-1800

With the character TIEN for "field."

A symbol that contains a cross within a square, inside a swastika

"field" tien or tian

Contemporary Whirling Logs
Whirling Logs
Navajo Sandpainting Textile
Contemporary Navajo Carpet 1990's
Navajo Sandpainting Textile
from the Nightway Chant,
Banpo Jar c 2200-1800
With the character TIAN for "field."
A symbol that contains a cross 
within a square, inside a swastika



Anasazi Pottery
Neolithic Style Culture
1125-1200 CE 
Banpo,Yanshao Culture 
Neolithic Period.
Yangshao Culture, 
5000-4000 BCE


Longshan (Black Pottery Culture)
Culture 2500-2000 at Longshan


Fine Neolithic black pottery stemcup
Longshan Culture, Shandong province, 3rd millennium B.C.
Very thinly potted, the steep-sided cup resting on a narrow stem with large cylindrical knop pierced with five rows of vertical slits, 20,6 cm

Turned on a potter's wheel.

Black pottery stem cup, Neolithic Longshan culture, c. late 3rd millennium bc, from Rizhao, Shandong province, China; in the Shandong Provincial Museum, Jinan. Height 26.5 cm

Black pottery stem cup, 
Neolithic Longshan