Ife 1100-1300 CE
Benin Art c1400-1800 CE
Meaning and Iconography

Ife, Oba Figure 10th-12thC 
bronze/brass 18in

Modern Day Zaire, King in Full Regalia

Ife, Oba Figure 10th-12thC 
bronze/brass 18in

Ife, King Olokun 11th-15thC brass 36"
(Divinity of Sea and Wealth)

Benin, General and Officers, c1550 brass 21in

Benin, Leopard 
16th-18thC 19in

Mudfish Stool (above) Benin, Rattle Staff (at Left)
  • Go between land and water just like Olokon who mediates between the heaven and earth.
  • Edmund Leach
  • Life-size groups of royal figures in mud are still made for the cult of Olokun, divinity of the sea and of wealth.
  • Oni or Obas in the Yoruba culture are still buried today seated on stools.

Parallels in Ancient Egypt