Max Ernst, The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child Before
Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the painter 1926
Oil on canvas 196 x 130 cm Museum Lodging, Cologne

René Magritte, The Treason of Images 1928-1929 oil/canvas 21"x28"

André Breton, Object Poem, also called Poem-Object, 1941
assemblage on drawing board: carved wood,
oil lantern, framed photo, toy boxing gloves, 46x53x11 cm


Max Ernst, Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale 1924
Oil on wood with wooden elements 69.8 x 57 x 11.4 cm 
The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Ernst "Frottage" image c1925

René Magritte, The Rape 1934

Man Ray, 
Ingres' Violin 
(Le Violin d'Ingres), 1924


David, Madame Recamier, 1800

René Magritte, Madame Recamier, 1939

TheBrokenColumn44c.JPG (35046 bytes)
The Broken Column, 1944
Hello Dali!

Salvador Dali. The Persistance of Memory. 1931
oil on canvas 9"x13" MOMA