Diego&Frida1929_b.JPG (30452 bytes)
Diego and Frida just married in 1929
DiegoRivera1949b.JPG (21044 bytes)

HuastecCivilization_1950b.JPG (41183 bytes)
Huastec Civilization, 1950, National Palace, Mexico City
Tenochtitlan_1945d.JPG (92501 bytes)
Diego Rivera:  The Great City of Tenochtitlan, 1945, National Palace, Mexico City
Diego_1907b.JPG (21476 bytes)
Diego Rivera Self-Portrait, 1907
Diego Rivera was born December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato in Mexico, to Diego and Maria Barrientos Rivera. 

In 1898 he enrolled as a full time student San Carlos Academy in  Mexico City. 

1906, at the annual show, he exhibited for the first time, with 26 works.   Thus at age twenty Diego Rivera was established as a painter.

In 1907 Diego got a travel grant, and went to Spain. 
There he travelled around, and he also went to France, Belgium, and England. 

DiegoRivera_1910b.JPG (11141 bytes)
DiegoRivera ca. 1910
JacquesLipchitz_1914c.JPG (27703 bytes)
Portrait of Jacques Lipschitz, 1914

SailoratBreakfast_1914.JPG (27224 bytes)
Sailor at Breakfast, 1914
TwoWomen_1914.JPG (33593 bytes)
Portrait of Two Women, 1914

In 1921 he returned to Mexico

LupeMarin_1938.JPG (31336 bytes)
Lupe Marin, Diego's second wife (1922-27), 
painted 1938.

DiegowMural1924b.JPG (24659 bytes)
Diego Rivera in front of one of his murals 
at the Ministry of Education, 1924
DayoftheDead1924b.JPG (48143 bytes)
Diego Rivera: Day of the Dead, 1924,
Ministry of Education
Jose Guadalupe Posada - Calaveras
Jose Guadalupe Posada - Calaveras
Jose Guadalupe Posada - Calaveras
BurningoftheJudases_1924b.JPG (31284 bytes)
The Burning of the Judases, 1924,

The Judas figures are usually seen in the streets of 
Mexico on Easter Saturday, since it is believed 
that the traitor will only find release in suicide. 
The skeleton wires and explosives represent that 
at any moment they will explode. 

Zapata, 1924, Ministry of Education

TheAgitator26c.JPG (55824 bytes)
The Agitator, 1926, Autonomous University of Chapingo

The_Arsenal_1928d.JPG (66684 bytes)
The Arsenal - Frida Kahlo Distributes Arms, 1928.
In the autumn of 1927 Diego took a trip to the Soviet Union, as a member of an official delegation of Mexican Communist Party functionaries and various workers representatives, to take part in the tenth anniversary celebrations of the October Revolution.  Diego's interest in the Workers Movement clearly show in the mural below, which shows Frida Kahlo, Diego's third wife and longtime (1929 to 1954) partner, handing out guns to workers who have decided to fight:

Diego at work on a Mural

Detroit Institue of the Arts 1932
Edsel Ford patron



bigController2d.JPG (73575 bytes)
Diego Rivera: Man, Controller of the Universe, Palacio de Bella Artes, Mexico City, 1934


Crossroads_1933.jpg (71980 bytes) smLenin21.jpg (29781 bytes)
Diego Rivera: Man at the Crossroads, destroyed around midnight of Saturday, February 9, 1934, by being chipped from the wall and smashed to powder, at Radio City in the Rockefeller Center, New York!

Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future

A portrait of Lenin occurs to the right in the Man at the Crossroads mural...

Lucienne81932.JPG (9258 bytes) Lucienne Bloch

Sensing that something terrible was about to happen, Diego Rivera summoned a photographer to take pictures of the almost finished mural, but the guards, who had been ordered to admit no photographers, barred him.

At last, one of Diego's assistants, Lucienne Bloch, smuggled in a Leica, consealed in her bosom.  Mounting the scaffold, she surreptiously snapped as many pictures as she could without getting caught.

D&F@newworkers(1)_b.JPG (31801 bytes)
Diego (less about 100lb!) and Frida in 1933 at the New Workers' School

FWorkersUnite_b.JPG (34518 bytes)
Frida in front of an unfinished 
'Workers of the World Unite' panel in 1933
DFTrotsky1938e.JPG (27039 bytes)

Diego (TL), Frida (TR), 
and Leon Trotsky (BL), 1937

bigUnity2_b.JPG (56411 bytes)
The finished 'Workers of the World Unite' panel, 1933


LeninContrBb.JPG (79125 bytes)

D&Fdemonstrating36_b.JPG (24892 bytes)
Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo demonstating in 1936.


PanAmUnity1b.JPG (54374 bytes)
Pan-American Unity, 1940, 
2/10 transportable panels
PanAmUnity5b.JPG (54353 bytes)
Pan-American Unity, 1940, 
City College of San Francisco