The Northern Renaissance
c 1300-1600 in Northern Europe

Holland is also known as The Netherlands
Delft, Amsterdam and The Hague are the major cities.

Belgium is also known as Flanders
Brussels and Bruges are the major cities. 
Flemalle is another city we will be talking about.


Perspectives:  The Every Day or "God is in the Details"

Paul, Herman and Jean Limbourg. 
(The Limbourg Brothers)
Le Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry
1413 tempera on parchment 
French Renaissance

genre scene



Robert Campin
(the Master of Flemalle) 
Merode Altarpiece c. 1425
oil and tempera on wood, 
central panel approx. 25"x25" 
Flemish Renaissance


Campin, Robert (the Master of Flemalle) Merode Altarpiece c. 1425
oil and tempera on wood, central panel approx. 25"x25" Flemish Renaissance
submerged symbolism


Jan van Eyck Arnolfini Wedding 1434 
oil and tempera on oak 82x60cm

Irwin Panofsky
Craig Harbison
Jacques Paviot

In the early 1990s Jacques Paviot, a French naval historian found something that challenged previously accepted beliefs about the painting. While doing unrelated research, he stumbled across a reference to what appears to have been what was generally accepted to be happening in the painting: Arnolfini's wedding to Giovanna Cenami. But the document Paviot found placed the wedding in 1447, 13 years after the date on the double portrait and six years after van Eyck's death.





Petrus Christus. 
Saint Eloy (Eligius) in his Shop.1449
Oil on oak panel, 38"x33" (98 x 85 cm) 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Flemish, Renaissance

Quentin Massys 
also called Metsys 
The Moneylender and his Wife,
Oil on panel, 71 x 68 cm 
Flemish Renaissance