Copying, Cheating or Plagiarizing

Every semester I always have several problems with copying and plagiarism.
Plagiarism is when you copy or paraphrase a text without giving credit to the source.
For this class you are not even allowed to do this in your worksheets.

You do not demonstrate that you really understand a concept or term if you copy from another source.
If you are hunting and pecking through the website and textbook instead of really understanding what is going on there is a strong chance you will plagiarize.
Please make sure that you do not even paraphrase from the website, the textbook, or another source for any of your answers on the worksheet.
You should not use exact quotations for any of your definitions.

My definition of copying or plagiarizing is as follows:
A paraphrase of any source in which you just switch the words around.
A paraphrase of any source in which you use a thesaurus to change some of the words.
If you just switch the words around it is a paraphrase of any source that is called cheating.
A paraphrase of any source in which you use three or more of the same words in a sequence.

To avoid cheating.  This is what I suggest you do to answer your definitions.
Put away all the sources you have, then write the definitions in your own words.
If you are stuck, try explaining what you understand the meaning to be to another person in the most clear way you can.
When they get it, write down what you told them.