Index of Online Textbook ART 103B
This schedule is subject to change.
Jan 26
Getting Started: Classical Roots
Starter Kit
Classical Greece
Jan 28
Later Classicism
Classical  Rome
Romanesque: "Last Judgment" DUE Feb 2 by Midnight
Assignment #1  (Read the directions carefully!)

Jan 30
Last day to add full-term class WITHOUT instructor's signature

Last day that students are added into classes from the waitlist

Feb 2
Thomas Aquinas
Italian Gothic and Early Renaissance
Giotto and the Arena Chapel
Cimabue, Giotto, and St. Francis at Assisi
Annunciating on Iconography Martini and Duccio and Lorenzetti

Tuesday, 2/3: Last day to drop a FULL term class and be eligible for a credit / refund

Feb 5
Early Renaissance and the Development of Perspective
Perspectives: Linear
Early Renaissance Painting in the The North
Perspective in the North and South: Masaccio and Van Eyck
Mantegna's Camera degli Sposi

Sat Feb 7
Figure Show Reception 

You are required to attend this as part of your lab component.

8 pm
Fremont Symphony
Winter Concert

Sunday, 2/8: Last day to add Full term class WITH instructor's signature
      AND Last day to drop a FULL term class WITHOUT a W grade
      AND Last day to submit petition and AUDIT full-term class

Feb 9-11
Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture
Perspectives in Renaissance Architecture: Alberti and Michelozzo
Italian Gothic to Renaissance Architecture, Chapter 16-17 Architecture
Pulling it together, A Painting as a Treatise: Perspectives in Architecture, Painting and City Planning

Sculpture: Ghiberti
Sculpture: Donatello

Male Roles During the Renaissance
Leonardo: Man is the Measure of All Things

Feb 16 NO CLASS 

February 18
Women in the Renaissance The Vatican Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel)
Raphael, School of Athens
Michelangelo (Last Judgement and Mannerism)

Friday, 2/20: Last day to petition to complete class on Credit / No Credit basis

Feb 23
Due February 23 Worksheet on Classic through Early Renaissance 
Late Renaissance Mannerism

Feb 25
The Baroque in Rome

March 2
Baroque Painters: Caravaggisti and Genre Scenes

Friday, 3/6: Last day to petition for Spring 2009 Graduation or Certificate of Achievement

March 4
March 4 First Midterm Test Today 
Classic through Renaissance Study Guide 
Test is one Hour, Lecture the second hour

In case you messed up this exam
Extra Credit Research Paper Due March 31

March 11-March 16
The Late French Baroque and Rococco

March 18

March 23-25
Spring Break

March 31-April 1
Extra Credit Research Paper Due March 31

The 18th Century

Due April 1 Worksheet on Mannerism to Baroque 

April 6-8 
19th Century

April 13-15

April 20
Second Midterm Today
Classic Through Baroque Study Guide
Test is one Hour, Lecture the second hour

Post Impressionism

April 22
Expressionist and Symbolists

Friday, 4/24: Last day to drop a FULL term class WITH a W grade

Field Trip to Stanford Classic to Renaissance
Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University
Please be on the front steps at 11:00am sharp

April 27-29
Due April 27 Worksheet on 17th to Early 20th Centuries
Formalism and Its Contemporary Form and Function: Architecture and Furniture

May 4-6
Dada and Surreal Movements

May 11-13
Pop and Performance