ART-103A A Survey of World Art History Fall 2009
(This Calendar is subject to change)
August 31
  • Syllabus
  • Chaco Canyon Video
  • I also suggest that you sign up for HIST 104A Western Civilization with a World Perspective.  A survey of civilization in the Mediterranean through the beginning of early modern history with a look at other world cultures.

Lesson Plans
Sept 2

Sept 4-9

Sept 16-18

Sept 23-25

Sept 30-Oct 2

Oct 7 Test #1
Study guide for Test #1  You don't turn this in. 

Oct 12-14
Oct 9
We watch the Bacchae in Class (Plan on staying a half hour later)

Oct 21-23

Oct 28-30

Nov 2-4
VIDEO of the Popol Vuh

Nov 9
Rob Anderson

Nov 16
Test #2 (First hour of class)
Study Guide for Test #2You don't turn this in.

November 18 
Catch up or get ahead day

Nov 23 to  Nov 30

Dec 2-7
Work Sheet #3 Due Dec 3rd

Final Exam
Monday Dec 15 at 2:30-4:30
Study Guide for Final