Film review questions for  "Frida,"
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1)Please describe what significant information the credits and mise-en-scene provided for you.

2) Cinematography and visual style are very similar to formal elements in painting.  Write a paragraph or two in which you analyze the film maker's use of color, space, focus, depth of field, camera angles, POV, composition, movement, aspect ratios, light and lighting, costume, and set design.

3) What other films, books, music, works of art, or "texts" are referred to in the film? (This is called intertexuality and is very similar to a contextual analysis.)

4) You've analyzed the film's intertexuality, visual style, and cinematography.  What kinds of symbols, ideas, or themes did the film maker's choices emphasize?

5) Frida Kahlo was not a stereotypically beautiful woman by mainstream culture's standards.  She walked with a limp, had facial hair, and also refused to pluck or twease the hair between her eyebrows.  Some might even describe her as ugly.  In Aristotle's elements, the way a character is portrayed provides the viewer with important information as to what the director intends.  In the film "Frida" Salma Hayek plays the chracter.  Some critics had problems with her portrayal of Frida because they felt that she was too physically beautiful.  Why do you think Hayden Herrera (the film's director) cast Salma Hayek instead of someone who more closely resembled the real Frida?

6) What do you think the film maker's main ideas or themes were in creating this film?